CONDUR by alexandru products meet the quality standards, and their proper maintenance will help you get the most out of our products.

All materials used in the production process come from the best suppliers in Europe and have been tested before sale. The leather used in making the products is natural, and the technology and manufacturing stages involved correspond to the highest quality standards.


For the item / product purchased from our online store, we offer a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase, only in case of compliance with all maintenance recommendations below. The item / product purchased is not a durable product and should be used according to the maintenance recommendations below.

The conformity warranty granted does not affect the rights conferred by law to the consumer and is in accordance with the provisions of GO no. 21/1992 on Consumer Protection, with subsequent amendments, and law no. 449/2003.

Conditions under which the warranty becomes inapplicable or void

– moral wear and tear and normal physical wear and tear of the product

– discoloration of the product or of some component parts following prolonged exposure to severe environmental factors (sun or other strong sources of heat, humidity, rain, snow, etc.)

– damage to the product due to calamities (fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, etc.), accidents, arson or theft

– defects caused by improper transport, handling and storage (excessive temperature and humidity, thermal shocks – hot / cold variations, immersion, etc.)

– defects caused by improper, abusive, incorrect, modified use of the product and / or in improper conditions, other than those for which it was tested and designed

– manipulation, repair or modification made by unauthorized persons, including painting of the product

– damage to the product caused, voluntarily or unintentionally, by mechanical shocks (breaking, hanging, hitting, scratching, etc.), pets, rodents and other pests

– defective maintenance (cleaning using improper methods or products)

Manufacturing defects are not considered, therefore they are not subject to the warranty::

– peculiarities of natural leathers: ribs, small differences in color, characteristic signs and irregularities – this is exactly what shows the authenticity and quality of the leathers from which the products CONDUR by alexandru  are made of”

– small irregularities and imperfections of products or parts of hand-made products

– leather that has been waxed and polished by hand: in this case, the leather continues to “wear out” naturally – the color abrasions on the surface of the leather are a deliberate effect that occurs only after wearing and this is what brings individuality to the products.

In case of complaints, please contact the CONDUR by alexandru  team at the address , and later, in order to solve the complaint, you will have to produce the invoice for the purchase of the product, the warranty certificate and the product in the original box, with any accessories.

Ways to ensure the warranty:

– repair of the footwear

– product replacement

– price reduction depending on the nature of the quality deficiencies

– return of the value of the product, if neither repair nor replacement is possible

General recommendations for the care of CONDUR by alexandru products

After each wear, the shoes are placed on shoe lasts suitable in size and shape. The shoes must be cleaned and dried before applying any polish for shoes, footwear, anti-stain preparations, etc. When using maintenance products, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.


Icon description:

fata = front

captuseala si acoperis de brant = lining and sock

talpa exterioara = outer sole

articole din piele naturala = natural leather articles

articole din alte materiale si materiale textile = articles of other materials and textile materials



Footwear with uppers made of smooth or pressed leather are cleaned of dust with a soft cloth, not a brush, and grease stains or other impurities are removed with a cloth soaked in an aqueous solution of detergent (1-2%). For good leather care, after a few wear, apply with a soft brush or cloth, a layer of shoe polish, then polish with a soft cloth or brush.

Footwear with uppers made of antelope or nubuck leatherdry, brush with a special brush for antelope leather. Do not use water, because the face of the material could be stained. Oil or grease stains are removed using a solution against stains, special for antelope or nubuck leather.

Footwear with varnished uppers, metallic, lacquered leather, is cleaned of dust with a soft cloth and must be protected from direct contact with organic solvents (alcohol, acetone, etc.).

Footwear with textile uppers is recommended to be worn in dry weather. After each wear, footwear is cleaned of dust with a dry clothes brush; do not put in the washing machine; Do not bleach; stains can be removed using a solution against special stains for textiles, following the instructions for use recommended by their manufacturers.

Footwear is dried naturally at room temperature. Use shoe lasts or fill the shoe with clean paper to keep its shape. Do not apply drying in a fan, radiator, fire, hair dryer or other heat sources. In all the above categories it is forbidden to wash the footwear with water or to wash them in the washing machine and no bleach shall be used.

Footwear should not be stored near heat sources or in a humid environment and should be protected from the action of petroleum products and organic solvents.

For the size of the duration of use, it is recommended to wear alternately 2-3 pairs of shoes in a period of time. Luxury products require careful use and maintenance.

Avoid contact of footwear with organic solvents (gasoline, alcohol, acetone, etc.). This is not a waterproof product.

Footwear with textile or leather uppers with seams or perforations, as well as hand-sewn footwear is recommended to be worn only in dry weather, as there is a risk of water penetrating inside and loss of warranty. Because natural linens have been chemically treated to fix the pigment, there is a risk of color migration. It is recommended to use matching or dark socks.

The soles do not have non-slip qualities, there is a danger of slipping, especially in the wet or cold season. Do not use high-heeled shoes while driving.

The trader or manufacturer cannot be held liable for incidents resulting from non-compliance with the above instructions or for the discomfort resulting from wearing shoes of the wrong size. The effects of bumps, scratches or direct rubbing of the shoes cannot be grounds for complaint. Leather is a natural product that has irregularities in structure and color, specific to a biological product. Handmade products may have differences that are not manufacturing defects.

Because the footwear has moderate impermeability, strong watering of the uppers with water or other liquids will lead to its detachment, damage to the uppers and, implicitly, to the loss of warranty. Forced breakage, intentional cutting, improper use, cleaning of the footwear with inappropriate chemicals and forcing any part of the product will void the warranty.

Accessories are defined as part of footwear; separately are not covered by the warranty.

The way of ensuring the warranty is repair or replacement (if repair is not possible). The warranty is offered after finding the deficiency and it is necessary to hand over the product and the purchase receipt / invoice. The term for repairing or replacing the defective product is a maximum of 15 days from the date of delivery of the product by the customer.

The customer will deliver the product at his own expense (transport).

Purchasing of the products on  implies reading and accepting the above conditions.